Team Summit Foundation, a Davidson-based 501(c)(3), has been funding summer camp opportunities for lower-income families since 2014.  In 2017, Team Summit Foundation raised $20,000 to be donated for the summer of 2018, which will cover 200 weeks of summer camp opportunities for children in the Davidson area.

In addition, thanks to donations that cover operating expenses, 100% of proceeds raised in 2018 directly benefit families in need.

We use community athletic events as a platform for civic engagement and social change, combining physical activity with social activity to promote wellness and provide education. The mission of the foundation is to send children from lower-income families to summer camps in the Lake Norman area.

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Brian Helfrich, Chairman of the Board, Treasurer

Conor Quinlan  | Tyler Helfrich  |  Brink Jones
Chad Randolph  |  Sara Rubens  |  Jess Martin |
Claire Schmidt | Pete Seeber

Misty Davis, Executive Director