Team Summit Foundation (TSF) is committed to helping bridge the learning and opportunities gap for local, school-aged children by bringing community together to raise resources and awareness.

A Davidson-based 501(c)(3), TSF has been funding summer camp and educational opportunities for lower-income families since 2014.   

Thanks to restricted donations that cover operating expenses, TSF is able to donate 100% of funds raised to provide educational, recreational, and nutritional resources to children and families in need.  

TSF uses community athletic events as a platform for civic engagement and social change, combining physical activity with social activity to promote wellness and provide education.

Our motto is simple: Support Through Sport. We hope you’ll join our team!


Brian Helfrich, Board Chair and Treasurer

Tim Helfrich  | Tyler Helfrich  | 
Andrew Kelleher  |  Megan May  |  Connie Wessner |
Claire Schmidt | Pete Seeber

Misty Davis, Executive Director