Giving to Team Summit Foundation should be more than just handing money over.
We want you to know where your money is going, to be a part of the story, and to help us support through sport.

Last year, Team Summit Foundation raised $6,000.
That $6,000 then went to the Ada Jenkins Center.
It then was used to send 21 children from Ada Jenkins’ LEARN Works Program to summer camp.
Those 21 children went to camps at the YMCA and Davidson College.
While at camp, each child had the opportunity to play basketball, soccer, tennis, ultimate frisbee, do gymnastics,
go to lake campus, and so much more!

Not only did they get to participate in fun activities, they were also able to hang out with their friends from school,
make new friends, and find good leadership.

They had daily schedules, positive encouragement, role models.
While the children were having a blast at camp, their parents were able to go to work without worrying about childcare.
Able to provide for their families without leaving their children unsupervised.

Summer 2016 we were able to send 21 children to camp.
We are trying to double our support for summer 2017.
You can partner with us by giving today!

See the breakdown below of where your money goes when it is donated!
Thanks to the YMCA for offering a discounted rate of $100 per camp to children we send them!

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